Has your BRMS vendor gone out of business or dropped support for the product that drives your business rules?

Has your organization outgrown its existing table-driven system that calculates mission-critical business decisions?

Does your custom rules solution based on highly structured code (such as stored procedures, COBOL, XSLT, VB, RPG, etc.) struggle to keep up with the demands of your business?

InRule Technology®'s Automated Rule Harvesting offering combines extends the shelf life of existing business logic by automating the migration of business rules from a variety of sources to InRule®'s fully supported, analyst-friendly BRMS.

By eliminating the need to manually re-write business rules as part of a rule migration and/or legacy transformation project, InRule's Automated Rule Harvesting offering maintains the accuracy of existing logic while saving time and reducing risk.  

InRule makes it easy to leverage rule artifacts from a range of sources including: IBM ILOG®, FICO Blaze Advisor®, Progress Corticon, Red Hat JBoss, Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), spreadsheets, XSLT, COBOL, stored procedures, VB, Java and other programming languages. The five-step approach brings together professional services and the company's revolutionary rule harvesting technology.

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Harvest Solution Workflow

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