Research from Forrester* reveals how enterprises currently use software to inform and automate operational decisions - and how they plan to handle the ever-increasing amount of decisions to be managed in the future to keep pace with customer demands.

The study, entitled Step Into the New Era of Digital Decisioning Platforms, uncovered that enterprise IT leaders feel overwhelmed when it comes to keeping pace with the use of existing and emerging decisioning technologies, such as statistical analysis tools, business rules, machine learning and real-time event processing, to satisfy customer expectations.

Forrester's research indicates that we are on the cusp of a new era of decisioning technologies. These technology innovations are being driven by customers' demand for firms to understand them in the moment and address them in context. Forrester's findings emphasize that to meet customers' growing and evolving demands, firms must automate more of their business decisions, even as the complexity of decisions grows.

Forrester's research revealed that:

  • Only one-third of organizations surveyed are using Machine Learning and Deep Learning for operational decision making
  • Most organizations need help understanding their technology options with regard to decisioning applications
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*Step Into the New Era of Digital Decisioning Platforms, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of InRule, August 2017


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