InRule empowers technical and business users to change decision logic in applications—with less effort, cost, and risk than programming—to help you keep pace with changing marketplace conditions and customer needs.

Run Decision Logic Anywhere

InRule's Business Rules Management System (BRMS) simplifies and automates decision management across the enterprise. From on-premises, to the cloud and via mobile, InRule Technology provides more options for decision execution by allowing logic to be run anywhere.

Have a look at the video below and we'll show you how InRule and its components work together to simplify authoring and managing decision logic.

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When compared to hard-coding, decision management using InRule's BRMS is:

  • More cost effective
  • Less risky than locking rules in hard code, hidden from key business owners
  • Easier to align the logic of core applications with changing marketplace and customer needs


InRule has delivered hundreds of mission-critical and customer-facing deployments in over 30 countries. Customers have saved an average of $488,059* per deployment (when choosing InRule over hard coding). InRule is trusted by customers in many industries:

To learn more, download the Forrester** research report Step Into the New Era of Digital Decisioning Platforms to the right. The research reveals how enterprises currently use software to inform and automate operational decisions - and how they plan to handle the ever-increasing amount of decisions to be managed in the future to keep pace with customer demands.

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*Savings as reported in the 2013 IUCM survey

**Step Into The New Era Of Digital Decisioning Platforms, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of InRule, August 2017


Step Into the New Era of Digital Decisioning Platforms

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